A Story Steeped in Sound and Music History 

JANINE IS a smooth powerhouse singer in the DMV whose vocal style gives life to lyrics. Her extraordinary rich, deep velvet tones and powerful lower register, masters the range and interpretations to the likes of Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, and Mahalia Jackson. Listen as she stands on her own and does so throughout every performance. 

Janine grew up listening to great Gospel quartet harmonies from her grandparent’s stairway during lively rehearsals of the Famous Soul Revivals to which her grandfather, Clifton Smith Sr. was a member. This music remains at her core and plays a role in her style of performing vintage and contemporary gospel and R/B. She hails from a family of great gospel singers and often speaks of her experiences in the Clifton Smith Sr. Family Singers; eponymous for her grandfather, which is where she acquired a love and belief that her gift is to be shared with others.  Her father Eddie B’s love of music also inspires many of her music selections with reference to her “Daddy’s record box” that included many greats such as Mahalia Jackson, Louis Armstrong and Lou Rawls. 

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